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Creeping Wintergreen
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Creeping Wintergreen
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Creeping Wintergreen
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Creeping Wintergreen

Item #7935   Gaultheria procumbens

Lighting:     part, shade
Plant Height:     6"
Ground Condition:     well drained
Spread:     2-3'
Hardiness Zone:     3 - 8

Delightfully aromatic foliage and year round color make Creeping Wintergreen a favorite ground cover for partial to full shaded areas. Produces white flowers lightly tinted with pink in spring. Creeping Wintergreen foliage starts out as glossy green and turns red as the weather cools. You'll love the sight of the red fruits in the summer. Grows to 6" tall. Spreads up to 3'. Deer resistant. For a rain garden.

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