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Ben Franklin Tree
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Ben Franklin Tree

Item #7221   Franklinia alatamaha

Lighting:     sun
Plant Height:     25'
Ground Condition:     well drained
Hardiness Zone:    

Fragrant blooms and crimson autumn foliage!

The Ben Franklin Tree is a spectacular little tree. It grows only 25' tall and will fill a small area with beauty. It is prized for its fragrant blooms and brilliant fall foliage. Very interesting to watch. At first, clusters of pale green buds develop at the tip of each twig. In August, the largest bud swells and satiny petals emerge. As the frilly white petals fold back, handsome orange-gold stamens appear. The Ben Franklin Tree continues to bloom until a hard frost. Even when the tree is ablaze with crimson foliage in autumn, pure white blossoms often appear to amaze you. This 25' tree makes an interesting specimen tree. We ship sturdy 8-10" trees, growing in their own root ball.

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