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"Paper White" White Birch
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"Paper White" White Birch
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"Paper White" White Birch
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"Paper White" White Birch

Item #6890   Betula papyrifera

Lighting:     sun
Plant Height:     40-70'
Ground Condition:     well drained
Spread:     25-45'
Hardiness Zone:     2-7

In spring the bright green leaves appear, lightly covering the tree; in summer the leaves turn an emerald green and in fall, the whole tree turns into a golden spectacle. In winter, when other trees are drab, its trunk and slender branches are a glistening white! White Birch is hardy, fast growing and require little care. We suggest planting them in clumps of 3. You'll receive healthy, hand-selected 1 1/2 - 3' trees.