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Lily-of-the-Valley Tree
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Lily-of-the-Valley Tree
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Lily-of-the-Valley Tree

Item #4921   Oxydendrum arboreum

Plant Height:     25'
Ground Condition:    
Hardiness Zone:     4-9

One of the top five ornamental trees in the world. Stunning mid-summer beauty with drooping, 10" racimes of white flowers over glossy leaves followed by very ornamental, pale seed cells contrasting with brilliant scarlet foliage in fall. 25' tall with a pyramidal form. Prefers moist, acidic soil. Zones 4-9.

Maple, Scarlet Red
Maple, Scarlet Red
One of nature's most richly colored trees!

A majestic and beautiful shade tree that will give you years of proud satisfaction. In early spring...