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Astilbe, Red Sentinel
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Astilbe, Red Sentinel
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Astilbe, Red Sentinel

Item #4719   Astilbe 'Red Sentinel'

Lighting:     part, shade
Plant Height:     20-24"
Ground Condition:     Moist, rich
Spread:     18"
Hardiness Zone:     4-9

Popular for its bright red blooms, feathery flower spikes, graceful foliage and because it will grow in the shade! Grows 2' tall, forming mounds 18" wide. Plant in moist, rich soil in partial shade. Zones 4-9.

Astilbe Sampler
Astilbe Sampler
The Astilbe Sample includes 1 each of these Astilbe varieties:

Red Sentinel
Rheinland Astilbe

Plus, 1 FREE<...

Astilbe, Pink Rheinland
Astilbe, Pink Rheinland
Has densely-packed, graceful pink florets about 9 inches long on 18 inch plant. Nice, glossy-green foliage. Zones 4-9.

Astilbe, White Deutschland
Astilbe, White Deutschland
Grows to about 20 inches tall in dense, compact, clusters. Has snowy white, feathery flower spikes. Very hardy and free of plant insects. Zones 4-9...